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Tire and Rim Financing with Bad Credit

If you’re looking to hit the road in any vehicle a set wheels and tires are a non-negotiable; after all, they are what makes contact with the road. A nice set of rims or tires with an aggressive tread design can also upgrade the look of your vehicle. But let’s be honest, a rim and tire package can really put a dent in your wallet, especially when you take into account having to have them mounted and balanced and then installed. What if we told you that autologiQ offers financing for people looking to make a big purchase? That’s right, keep your money in your account and your credit card balance free of a purchase, regardless of if you have good credit or bad credit.

Why Settle for Less

When you have poor credit and insufficient funds, it can be hard to believe that a big purchase or upgrade is justified. Regardless of if you can justify the purchase, sometimes it’s simply necessary. Introducing Easy Monthly Payments (EMP) a payment plan offered by autologiQ that allows you to make purchases for your vehicle right now and conveniently pay it off over the next 36 months.

If you’re wondering how to apply, it’s easier than you might think.

Apply Now

Input your vehicle information into our online system, this includes your VIN or your make, model, vehicle year, etc. and your mileage. This will automatically generate the total loan you’re approved for based on the black book value of your vehicle and not a credit check. Input your invoice amount and we’ll also calculate your monthly payments.

Choose Your Repair Service Centre

With your automatic approval you can instantly select a repair service centre from our roster of autologiQ authorized service providers. Book your appointment time that works for you.

Pay Over Time

Now that the work is done you’ll pay us back in monthly installments over the next 36 months. The interest rate on your loan is 19.99% per annum, in line or lower than some credit card companies.

Take A Step With Us Today

Definitely, things are done a little differently here. When you finance with us, you receive a few special advantages that you can’t find elsewhere.

  • No credit check
  • Instant approval
  • The ability to pay off your loan at any time without a penalty
  • No restrictions on brand or quality

Our aim is to make getting the tires, wheels, lift kit, or any vehicle enhancement package you want as simple and economical as possible. See which tire and wheel brands are available to you through an autologiQ approved location. For more information on our financing options for tires and rims, contact autologiQ, our team is ready to assist you.

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