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AutologiQ Road Hazard Protection Plan for Tires

This coverage is provided to the original purchaser of authorized tires sold by an autologiQ Service Provider and installed on the vehicle for which they were originally purchased. This protection covers:

  1.  Free Flat Repairs– If you get a flat, just come into any location and we’ll fix it at no charge.
  2. Free Road Hazard Protection– If your tires are damaged by a road hazard and can’t be repaired, we’ll replace them.
  3. Free Air– Drop in anytime and we’ll ensure your tires are properly inflated of the tire upon which such liability is based.


The purchased tire will be covered for a period which is the earlier of: (i) 2 years from the date of purchase or until the tire is worn to the level of 4/32 of an inch; or (2) the manufacturers’ kilometer tread wear warranty.

Owner’s Obligation: Proper tire care is necessary to obtain the maximum mileage and wear from a tire. Owners must  ensure their vehicle is in proper alignment to prevent abnormal tire wear. Abnormal wear could void any manufacturer warranty. You also need to ensure that the tires operate at the proper cold inflation pressure as outlined in the owner’s manual. Inflation should be checked once a month. This will be provided at no charge by any autologiQ Service Provider

How to make a claim

The customer will be credited for any unused wear on a tire if the tire was sold by an autologiQ Service Provider and it suffers road hazard damage that is deemed unrepairable by the autoloigiQ Service Provider.

The Credit will be calculated by multiplying the selling price of the tire, by the percentage of tread depth remaining – (above 4/32 of an inch). Valve stems, rim cleaning, tire balancing and any additional labour and taxes are not covered by this program.

To submit a claim, the Customer must present to autologiQ the original invoice showing the purchase of the tire, as well as the unserviceable tire and the vehicle that the affected tire belongs to. It is not a requirement for the Customer to attend the same autologiQ Service Provider location where the tire was purchased. If the tire is repaired at a non-approved autologiQ Service Provider, the reimbursement amount will be up to $55.00(including taxes) after presenting the required documents. In case of tire replacement at a non-approved autologiQ Service Provider, the customer must provide a copy of the tire replacement invoice along with a picture(s) that illustrates the damage along with make, model and size of the tire as well as a current tire thread depth measurement; The reimbursement will be at a pro-rated amount based on the tire wear percentage.

This protection plan is not a warranty, or guarantee, nor a representation that the autologiQ Service Provider manufacturers the brand name tires sold by the autologiQ Service Provider or  manufacturers of the brand name tires sold by autologiQ Service Providers are impervious to road hazard damages. This coverage is not transferable. The remedies set out in this policy are exhaustive and the total liability of the autologiQ Service Provider with respect to your new autologiQ Service Provider exclusive or other name brand tires shall not exceed the purchase price of the tire upon which such liability is based.

This protection does NOT cover the following:

  • Run Flat Tires.
  • Wheel rim leaks.
  • Racing, improper inflation, overloading, misapplication or high-speed spinning.
  • Neglect, misuse, chain damage, or correctable mechanical condition of the vehicle (i.e. alignment).
  • Tires repairs from leaking valve stems or valve cores.
  • Discontinued Tires at time of original purchase.
  • Cash and Carry/Wholesale Tires.
  • Service performed at non-mechaniQ facilities for towing and roadside service calls.
  • Tires damaged by collision or abrasion.
  • Fire, chemical corrosion, tire alteration, vandalism or theft.
  • Tires that have been damaged as a result of a mechanical defect on the vehicle.
  • Tires marked used or blemished.
  • Tire service charges such as balancing, valve stems, nitrogen fill and installation charges.
  • Tires other than the affected tire. Example, an All-Wheel Drive vehicle that may require replacement of all 4 tires, the remaining three tires would not qualify for TPP coverage if they have not suffered a road hazard.
  • Original Equipment tires
  • Tires damaged as a result of TPMS failure.
  • Tires not installed on the original vehicle for which they were purchased.
  • Tires with D.O.T. numbers removed from the sidewall.
  • The cost of purchasing a temporary or alternate tire, in order to travel to an authorized mechaniQ or other service facility (only one tire can be warrantied per RHPP claim)
  • Ozone or weather cracking.
  • Passenger car tires installed on a light truck.
  • Commercial or heavy load applications (unless proper fitment on commercial light truck applications.
  • Cosmetic or appearance damage.
  • Applicable taxes.

To the extent permitted by law, liability for any indirect, general, special, incidental punitive or consequential damages, loss of time or loss of vehicle use or inconvenience, cost of towing, costs for hotel, meals, car rentals or any other out of-pocket expenses, personal injury or death.


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