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Engine Repair Finance in Edmonton, AB

Owner-operators who are having engine problems frequently inquire, “How much does an engine overhaul cost?” The cost of an engine repair can vary significantly based on the engine’s manufacturer, the degree of the overhaul, and the mechanic you choose. Depending on the extent of the issue, engine repairs can easily cost thousands of dollars. There’s no doubt that an emergency car repair could put a dent in your wallet, but what happens if you’re struggling to find the cash to get the job done? At autologiQ in Edmonton, we’ll help you get the work done without draining your bank account or turning to high interest payday loans.

Now that you have a solid financing option, let’s take a look at other considerations to make along the way.

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Is this a certified shop?

Selecting a certified repair shop or not should be the first thing to think about. An accredited service center will provide their experts with intensive training and cutting-edge tools; they’ll also have proof to back these statements up. Where appropriate, certified establishments can also offer vehicle repair warranties. Ensuring that your vehicle is in good hands will keep your peace of mind.

Selecting the Appropriate Repair Package

When researching which shop to take your vehicle to it might be beneficial to visit the shop for a diagnosis. It’s common to look for a second opinion about what repair work is needed. Additionally, some locations may be able to offer you payment plans to help with more expensive repairs.

Engine Repair Financing with autologiQ in Edmonton

Determining how to pay for a significant engine repair might be the hardest choice. With the help of autologiQ, that choice can be made simpler. We are able to provide you with financing options that don’t require a credit score check or income verification. Instead, all auto repair loans are approved based on the value of your vehicle. By choosing autologiQ, we automatically approve your car repair loan which can help you finance your vehicle repair with a low interest rates and fees. Our easy monthly payments program allows you to repay the loan over 36 months with the option to pay off the balance penalty free.

If your engine needs work, and you’re looking to finance your car engine repairs in Edmonton, ask your autologiQ Advisor for further details. Give us a Call right away.

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