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Car Repair Loans in Mississauga, ON

If you find yourself in need of an emergency car repair or expensive car repair that isn’t covered by insurance and doesn’t fit on the balance of your credit card, it might be time to turn to a car repair loan.

At autologiQ in Mississauga, we can help you finance your car repair through a loan that addresses any type of vehicle issue you may be experiencing even if you have bad credit. Among the most common requests we get from consumers are loans for auto maintenance. This happens because the vast majority of used automobiles on the market are no longer covered by manufacturer’s or extended warranties.

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The characteristics and advantages of our car repair loans

No matter what repairs your automobile needs, whether they are major or minor, we can help you with repair financing. Below are the major characteristics and advantages of our car repair loans.

Instant approval

When you apply for a loan through our Easy Monthly Payments (EMP) program, you receive your approval automatically. All we need from you is your vehicle information.

Access to approved repair locations

We provide you with a list of AutologiQ approved service centres to make your search for a reputable repair shop easy.

Recurring payments

Your payments will remain the same and you can plan for them because your loan amount has capped, set costs and low interest rates

No credit check

EMP loans are based solely on the value of your vehicle. This means we won’t complete any credit score check or ask for employment information.


Since we don’t conduct any checks into your employment history or income information, self-employed individuals will be accepted the same as any other EMP applicant.

Why should you rely on AutologiQ for your Auto Repair loan in Mississauga?

We put together solutions through our partners to provide customers One Payment, One Provider, and One Exceptional Experience.

We are in the business of making your automotive repair loan experience as easy as possible. This starts with an easy application process and ends with a convenient 36 month payment term. Additionally, should you choose to pay off your loan in a lump sum, we will not penalize you.

Contact AutologiQ in Mississauga for more information about our offerings today.

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