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Engine Repair in Vancouver, BC

Get an Engine Repair Loan with autologiQ in Vancouver

engine repairYou may experience a frustrating time when you face problems with our vehicle’s engine and may not be prepared to spend thousands of dollars to get it repaired.  On the flip side, buying a newer vehicle will cost significantly more than that. 

At autologiQ in Vancouver, we understand that vehicle repairs are a part of owning a vehicle and want to help customers keep their vehicles on the road for as long as possible. 

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Engine Repair or Rebuild?

If your vehicle begins to have performance issues with it’s engine, there are a few options drivers have to consider. Depending on the symptoms drivers can take their vehicle to a repair service centre and possibly get the engine serviced and repaired. If the engine has significant damage, you may be looking at rebuilding the engine. Or, you may be looking at walking away from the vehicle and having to look at financing options to lease or buy another vehicle to replace the one with engine failure. 

None of these options are ideal, especially if it was unexpected and you are stuck with a bill for emergency car repair to fix your vehicle. 

Luckily, autologiQ works with a network of highly qualified technicians in your area who we can recommend you to visit to review your options. 

Not only can those local service centres help determine the best course of action for your vehicle, but they can also complete the work and discuss the possibility of an auto repair loan. This allows drivers to get the work done on their vehicle, have a safe, reliable car and break the total invoice amount out into smaller, more manageable payments plans. 

Learn About autologiQ’s Engine Repair Financing in Vancouver

Our car repair loans are one of the easiest type of financing available on the market today. When you apply, there is a short application process with no credit checks. As long as your own your vehicle, we are able to offer a percentage of your vehicle value to you as a loan amount. 

These loans are a better option than credit cards with high interest rates and are open, so they can be paid off at any point in time. If you pay your loan off within the first 90 days, there is no interest applied to the loan amount. 

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Whether you are experiencing car engine problems, or have other items on your vehicle that need attention, one of our short term loans may be right for you. Applications can be submitted and used towards a number of vehicle services such as brake repair, buying a new set of tires, installing rims or other accessories and much more.

Never be stuck without a safe vehicle to drive again. Allow autologiQ to help manage your big ticket invoices with our Easy Monthly Payment program. 

You’re not alone if you’re having trouble coming up with the money for an urgent car repair in Vancouver. Contact autologiQ today for more information or click here to get approved today!

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