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Lift Kits in Surrey, BC

Lift Kit Finance Options at autologiQ in Surrey

Lift Kit

A 4WD is modified with a suspension lift kit or leveling kit to increase its overall height and add greater ground clearance. By avoiding the obstructions on the ground, this improves the vehicle’s off-road performance. A steeper approach and the ability to use larger wheels and tires are two further benefits.

A lift kit is essentially a kit that includes both the parts and instructions needed to elevate a particular car type. Depending on the model, different kits contain different elements, such as new suspension, drivetrain components, drive shafts, etc. Some kits just contain pieces that are difficult to find otherwise (generic hardware may be used to complete the raise).

In many cases, finding a reputable service centre in Surrey to install the kit is the best way to get results. However, these can be costly, and at autologiQ, we understand that you might have other financial obligations to take care of at the same time. Before we go through how we can help you finance your truck lift kit, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of installing one in the first place.

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Benefits of Getting Lift Kits

Greater Clearance

The first and most obvious benefit is that an elevated vehicle has a greater clearance between its undercarriage and the road. This aids in keeping you safe when navigating deteriorated streets or bad roads when combined with suspension and shock modifications.

Being able to navigate more challenging terrain

For those who wish to attempt the most challenging off-road activities, such as driving through rivers, climbing steep slopes or sand dunes, etc., a taller vehicle is helpful. Better clearance, more traction, a more stable ride, and the ability to utilize bigger wheels are all typically guaranteed with a raised 4WD. All of them enable you to push the boundaries of your 4WD and accomplish more with it.

Delivers to you a Smoother Ride

Suspension lift kits provide you the extra room you need to distribute the weight more evenly and provide improved comfort even when you are towing a heavy load through difficult terrain.

Enhanced Visibility

Both in crowded metropolitan settings and off-road environments, being able to see more of the road is quite helpful since it allows you to see possible problems earlier and have a better perspective of other points of interest, such as scenery.

Easy access to your body’s covert areas

A better approach to reach your undercarriage is always useful, whether you want to check or repair it. When your vehicle is elevated, inspecting the underbody of your car is no longer a challenging task, especially if you are uncomfortable in small areas.

Better Day-to-Day Driving

When compared to lower-profile automobiles, an elevated vehicle gives you a greater perspective of the road and any potential impediments, giving you a safety edge. The difference between escaping a harmful scenario and becoming a part of it might be as little as a few seconds’ warning.

Are you ready to get a lift kit for your vehicle but you don’t have the necessary means, autologiQ in Surrey offers financial aid in that aspect with various payment options. If you’re lacking the cash or need to save room on your credit card, autologiQ has definitely got your back.

Lift Kit Financing with autologiQ in Surrey

We’re aware that investing in your vehicle can come at a great expense, this is where we come in to help.

We at autologiQ in Surrey have developed the Easy Monthly Payments (EMP) program. This is a repair financing solution allowing you to leverage the value of your vehicle to pay for repairs or upgrades. Applying is simple and all loans are instantly approved based on the black book market value of your vehicle.

When you choose to get a loan from autologiQ we provide you with a 36 month timeline to repay the loan; however, you will not be penalized if you choose to pay off the balance in a lump sum before that.

It might be normal to put a purchase like this on your credit card, but that encroaches on your usable balance and can cost your credit score if you’re unable to pay right away. The EMP program is based on the value of your vehicle and does not involve a credit check to get started.

Since we have a roster of service centres that are authorized on the autologiQ platform, you won’t be constrained to a specific brand or one specific location. Purchase a Superlift, Rough Country, Fuel Wheels, BDS, or whatever kit you choose.

We at autologiQ suggest not to worry; we can help you. Get in touch with us right away for additional details.

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