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Summer Tires in Toronto, ON

Financed Summer Tires and Performance Tires with autologiQ in Toronto

Summer Tires

At autologiQ in Toronto, we offer easy monthly payment financing programs for auto repair services AND the purchase of a new set of summer or performance tires.

Summer tires are designed for dry climates and improve dry handling while still allowing some wet traction. Tread patterns for summer and/or performance tires typically have wide grooves that can move water away from the car so the tires can still make contact with the road and create traction when driving in wet conditions.

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Are Summer or Performance Tires for You?

Performance and summer tires allow your vehicle to handle higher speeds more confidently, stop quicker and enhance traction. Not to mention the added personalization options when paired with customized rim combinations.

Run Flat Tires

As time goes on, cars are being made more and more compact while still maximizing internal space for all the new features. With making room for new features and vehicle performance top of mind, space is limited for vehicle storage. Bringing the question of “where is the spare tire?”

Run Flat tires were created to help with the lack of storage space issue, as well as provide added safety for drivers. Run Flats are designed specifically to allow a vehicle to drive on a flat tire. The sidewalls are designed to allow the vehicle to go short distances with little to no air in the tire. Not only does this help ease the worry of storing a flat tire, but also eliminates the need to pull over on the side of a road/highway to change your tire close to traffic.

Contact autologiQ for Summer Tires Financing in Toronto

Performance tires and run flat tires can come with a hefty price tag to reflect their top of the line performance. Thankfully, autologiQ offers a short term loan option for drivers to purchase a new set of summer tires and pay their invoice amount in easy monthly payments instead of all up front.

Our plans are available for the purchase of a new set of tires as well as for other mechanical services such as brake or engine work.  Contact us to get a quick and easy approval with no credit checks to treat yourself to a new set of Michelin or Continental tires!

We work with a number of local repair service centres in Toronto to offer a better way to manage the large expense of new tires. For more information contact us today!

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