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Online Maintenance & Repairs

Extend the useful life of your vehicle


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car online maintenance

A fully digital experience via autologiQ Dash with access to repair financing, roadside assistance and other benefits

Your vehicle is proactively managed by our team of virtual service advisors

Your vehicle is serviced or repaired at a convenient iQ Network facility near you

Exclusive Features

  • Proactive management of your vehicle’s maintenance by our professional, virtual service advisors
  • Fully digital experience online or via our Mobile Apps including monitoring vehicle health, managing appointments, accessing service records and more
  • Access to time saving Valet Service* 24/7 Roadside Assistance and Vehicle Telematics (additional charges apply)
  • 360 Digital Inspection at each service
  • Preapproved for payment with EMP, our Repair Financing Solution, based on the value of your vehicle
  • Wash and vacuum at each service*
  • Applicable discounts on services & tire purchases at participating locations
  • Partner offers available from time to time

*At participating locations only

What you should expect

autologiQ’s modern approach to vehicle maintenance will help you:

  • Maintain the value of your vehicle
  • Increase your knowledge and awareness
  • Feel supported by industry professionals


How it works

car online maintenance

Sign up free online or download the App

Join us in a few simple steps. You can add our optional Roadside Assistance and Vehicle Telematics to enhance your experience.

Your first appointment is scheduled.

online maintenance

Vehicle picked up or dropped off

At your request, a team member from our nearest location will pick up your vehicle*. Alternatively, you may drop off the vehicle for service.

Our Service Providers care for your vehicle.

Digital Inspection & Work Performed

A Service Advisor will review the digital inspection report with you and manage the work that needs to be done. You have the option to pay with EMP using the value of your vehicle..

All work is completed based on the work order approved by you

Vehicle Returned Freshly Cleaned

When work is completed, your vehicle is returned freshly washed and vacuumed

You can access all your service records online or through our Apps

Future Appointments

Your Service Advisor will contact you when your vehicle is next due for service.

We ensure that your vehicle is maintained in a timely manner.

Secure your complete peace-of-mind


*At participating locations only

Here’s what our clients have to say

Nice people, good communication. I would tell my friends to use it.

Shirley Synnuck Feb 2, 2023

The gentleman the first thing he did was greet us, a smile on his face and very friendly I must say, I would return there any time, when my car needs service. I do think his name was Michael, but do not quote me on that. Tammy Stone

norman parial Feb 2, 2023

Great place to deal with for tires in Porthope Ont thank you

Larry Sumners Feb 2, 2023

I will give all of them a five stars also to the people online whom fixed everything they are all friendly

Ofelia Bawalan Jan 1, 2023

All the staff are very friendly I give all of them a 5stars and the people online whom worked with me arranged averything

Ofelia Bawalan Jan 1, 2023

I would like to take this time to say thank you. We ended up getting a set of all season tires for our car. The service we reacieved was great no problem s at all. Very friendly and easy to talk to. Again thank you. Raymond Henry

Ray Henry Sep 9, 2022

Excellent service. They not only cleaned the car but delivered it my house.

Peter Newhouse Jan 1, 2023

Omg what a great little spot. Great customer service.

Tammy Compare Jan 1, 2023

I dealt with Michelle and I had a few minor issues with the brake job. Michelle responded from Autologic promptly set up an appointment with the provider and I am very impressed with the service I received.

Benedict Healy Jan 1, 2023

Fabulous service provided. Quality workmanship. Clean and easy to access

Michael Cole Jan 1, 2023

Honest diagnosis. Great customer service. Would recommend them to anybody.

Roshan Perera Jan 1, 2023

Getting approved for the service and making the appointment was great. The installation went flawless until they finished with the car. Upon finishing with the car at the shop, the shop had an accident with my car. In which the shop took total ownership of the accident. Would I recommend them to friends and family. I have and they have appreciated the help.

Anthony Elliott Dec 12, 2022

Snow tires and a 360 inspection, very helpful and I

Wendy Powell Dec 12, 2022

The service center was awesome. I would recommend. Great service and great customer service

Cindy Mullen Dec 12, 2022

Was vary easy and approved in minutes love it

Cody Basque Dec 12, 2022

This company were a pleasure to deal with. Thank you for helping me get my new winter tires, and in for a service before a big snowstorm hit us! A huge shout out to Michelle Rowe, who did absolutely everything for me. From start to finish it was an easy transaction - and they even answered my 20349 questions, as I know nothing about cars! They explained everything in detail and gave me options I could choose from, and there was no upselling or any added features - it was all on my terms and I really appreciated that. Will definitely use this service again in the future.

K Jane Nov 11, 2022

The minute i walked in the door . I was greeted with a friendly welcome. They were very professional from start to finish. I will be back for all my future tire needs and any other car related things i may need . I will recommend all my family and friends to visit trail tire for their vehicle needs

Tanya Miller Nov 11, 2022

Awesome service from the start right down to the end. I would recommend this company 100%

John Scheerschmidt Oct 10, 2022

this is the only company that helps me get my winter tires and rims even though i have a bad credit. the finance was easy they approved me right away. all the transactions was done thru fb messenger.

Simbagsik Official Oct 10, 2022

The guys here are great to deal with ! My main contact was Jon and he was amazing at what he does, they do follow ups with there clients , they try to help with any concerns you may have about your repairs, most importantly they care about there clients and what they do ! I found them to be passionate about there products and services and are always available when needed! Thanks guys until we do business again ! DW

Wayne Davis Oct 10, 2022

Changed tires great knowledgeable and friendly

Mike Emond Oct 10, 2022

fast and courteous

Richard Zacks Oct 10, 2022

Was greated by name. He was friendly and quick

Darrell Morgan Oct 10, 2022

I wish I knew about this service sooner! Great customer care team, great service with the affiliated garage! It makes those expensive vehicle maintenance services much more affordable. Will definitely continue to work with this program.

Mike Crouchman Oct 10, 2022

Super easy great service got new tires and rims would definitely recommend !

Babylovebug 2006 Oct 10, 2022

Awesome very professional and QUIK service

Darren Mitchell Oct 10, 2022

The process was so easy and fast and the service was awesome. I definitely recommend it.

Bobby Jovanovic Sep 9, 2022

Service was excellent, but I belive, that the mechanic broke my TPMS on one off the wheels, when removing the tire, for it was working perfectly before the tire was remove. Furthermore , wanted me to pay $107.00 plus tax to replace it. I would appreciate if the TPMS to be replaced at no cost, their were no problem before the tire was removed, therefore its stand to reason that this was an accident while removing the tire, therefore it was not replaced while in the shop, for I did not have the cash at the present time, hence the reason I would to have replaced at no cost. Thank you.. Alvin A Assam

Alvin Assam Sep 9, 2022

Was amazing to get the yirrs and Rims for my cars I won't e able to do it without their help. Thanks alot guys

EDM Rudy Sep 9, 2022

I need tires, so was approved for tires, then a battery was needed, it took the service dept a phone call and a battery was included, I am now ready for winter. If you need help with some repairs, give them a chance to help you out, it was simple and easy.

Brenda Jewitt Sep 9, 2022

Nice to have a place open early on the weekend

Lee Courtemanche Sep 9, 2022

fasr approval

khoo-oht Sep 9, 2022

Great service and great people

francois theriault Aug 8, 2022

Found the staff knowledgeable and had me on my way quite quickly highly recommended them

Paul Bene Aug 8, 2022
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