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Lift Kit Payment Plan in Windsor, ON

If you’ve invested in a truck it might have to do with your need to tow things frequently; after all, it’s much more convenient than having to borrow a friends vehicle or rent a truck. In general, lifted vehicles are capable of pulling more than stock trucks. This is due to the better weight and safety advantage these trucks provide over the load being towed.

When carrying large loads, a stock truck could crouch down. Towing your boat, or trailer is no problem with a raised vehicle, though. This is only one of the several benefits of purchasing a lift kit.

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Why Would You Lift Your Car?

Off-road vehicles that are lifted did not start to catch on until the late 19th century. At first, aficionados would place custom component orders and receive the desired suspension. However, there weren’t many possibilities for parts, so this was frequently a case of trial and error.

Lift kits have largely eliminated the necessity for experimenting in recent years. You may now get a well-fitting, high-performance leveling kit that is appropriate for your particular make and model. If you want a lift kit but cannot afford to get one, AutologiQ can definitely help you.

Get an Exclusive Payment Plan with autologiQ in Windsor

Your ideal suspension lift kit is now more affordable than ever thanks to our Easy Monthly Payments (EMP) plan. We make every effort to enhance the purchasing experience for our consumers by providing a financing plan that is based on the black book market value of your vehicle and not on your credit score or income information.

At AutologiQ in Windsor, we allow you to conveniently pay off your loan with a 36 month payment plan, additionally, we won’t penalize you if you choose to pay off the balance in a lump sum before then. We are your number option when it comes to financing lift kits. Call us for more info.

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