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Transmission Repair in Vancouver, BC

Transmission Repair Finance Options with autologiQ in Vancouver

transmission repairIn order for a car’s wheels to be mobilized, vehicles will need both a differential and a gearbox to transfer the engine’s power to the drive shaft. It is the job of the transmission to allow the automobile to start with high torque by optimizing the transmission’s ratios to adjust the vehicle’s torque, speed, and direction. If your transmission is faulty your vehicle will be non-functional. As such, a faulty transmission needs to be taken care of immediately.

Visit one of our approved service centres the minute you require a transmission repair, we guarantee that we’ll get your car back on the road quickly, efficiently, and running flawlessly.

While you are operating your motor vehicle, make sure to pay special attention to your car and its functioning. It is also vital to be familiar with the signs of a faulty transmission. The early detection of transmission related issues is essential in preventing them from deteriorating over time.

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Signs you Need an Immediate Transmission Repair:

A fluid leak is present

If your transmission’s fluid is leaking, you will often see a puddle of crimson, pleasantly scented fluid beneath your car.  If this is the case, make sure to avoid operating your vehicle as you can run out of transmission fluid on the way to have it repaired. In order to ensure your own safety, make sure to have your vehicle towed to your local auto-repair service centre where an automotive expert will fix the source of the system’s leak, refill your fluid, and answer any additional questions you may have.

You detect a ‘burning’ odour

Encountering a ‘burning’ scent is often a sign that your car is, for some reason, overheating. Upon noticing this, a trip to the service centre is often necessary as overheated parts can be harmful to your car. However, in some cases a burning smell can also be an indication that your transmission is getting old and beginning to incinerate. If this is the case, make sure to promptly change your transmission fluid.

Your car is not responding

If your car is having difficulty shifting between ‘park’ and ‘drive’, it is quite possible that your gearbox is broken, even though the process of shifting to other gears may not be affected. Upon encountering this issue, ensure you get your transmission fixed as quickly as possible.

In times of trouble, allow an autologiQ approved business to repair your transmission; we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the services we offer!

Finance Your Transmission Repair with autologiQ in Vancouver

Auto repairs like the transmission issues discussed above don’t wait until your next paycheck. They can happen at any time bringing unexpected annoyance to your day. Not to worry, you no longer have to wait for pay day, or until you have enough credit available on your credit card. autologiQ in Vancouver offers an Easy Monthly Payment Plan designed to allow you to pay your total amount in small monthly payments instead of one lump sum all upfront. So you can live stress free knowing that your vehicle can get the repairs it needs to operate safely, without the fear of what the total bill will be. 

Need more information on our transmission repair financing options in Vancouver? If so, please reach out to our team and we will be happy to discuss our financing options further!

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