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Buy Now Pay Later Rims and Tires in Barrie, ON

Buy Now Pay Later Rims and Tires in Barrie

Tires are made of rubber and are constantly rolled along rough roads, so there isn’t much that can be done to stop them from deteriorating. While some wheels will undoubtedly live longer than others, all tires will ultimately lose their tread. It’s critical to monitor the state of your tires and replace them as needed.

Tire and rim replacement, though, may be pricey. Depending on the type of automobile or truck you drive, the cost per wheel might range from $100 to $400, you can expect similar prices for tires too. When you are ready and willing to get new tires and rims in Barrie, autologiQ can help you purchase and pay later without any surprises.

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Why choose autologiQ in Barrie?

Many of us don’t have the funds to cover such a high initial expense. Is there a better approach that exists? While some people might choose payment methods like their credit card, debit card, or turn to a payday loan, a better payment option is autologiQ Easy Monthly Payments (EMP). We keep money in your bank account and the balance on your credit card.

Tire merchants, whether seasoned veterans or newcomers to the market, are in the market of offering high-quality tires not reasonable monthly payment plans with minimal down payments. autologiQ financing plans could be a smart choice for you if your tires are in bad condition and need to be changed in order to keep you and your family safe, or if you just want to upgrade.

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By choosing our EMP plan, you do just that, divide the price of a purchase into a series of monthly instalments that you can pay over time. Since our financing plans are based off of the value of your vehicle and not your credit score or income information, you are instantly approved in real time without the need for a credit check. Once you enter your vehicle and invoice information, you’re done. All that’s left is to schedule your appointment at an autologiQ approved service centre. Buy now and enjoy your purchase while paying later.

Your initial stop should be to autologiQ for tire and wheel financing in Barrie. Call us right away for additional information.

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