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Wheel and Tire Package Payment Plan in Toronto, ON

Wheel and Tire Package Payment Plan at AutologiQ in Toronto

It’s true that purchasing wheels and tires for your car requires a considerable financial commitment. The majority of respondents estimate paying between $800 and $1000 to purchase and install new tires due to the recent increase in tire costs.

However, many customers are unaware that it is possible to pay these plans off in monthly instalments instead of paying the entire purchase amount on your debit card. At AutologiQ in Toronto, We offer Easy Monthly Payments (EMP). A wheel and tire payment method which is also available for repair and accessory financing.

Once you are approved, you can use EMP at any AutologiQ trusted service centre to get the parts or repairs you need. There are always methods to buy new tires, even if your credit isn’t great; this is what we do here at AutologiQ.

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Wheel and Tire Package Payment Options with AutologiQ in Toronto

Apply for a wheel and tire package payment plan with AutologiQ in Toronto. With an easy application process that assists you in obtaining the most for your financial needs, we are the top vehicle repair and loan business. Even though the economy has been struggling, you can still be eligible for a sizable loan amount to use toward your purchase. Get the supplies your car needs with AutologiQ’s easy monthly payment plans starting as low as $20 per month and interest rates similar to your credit card!

Highlights of the Payment Option

Everyone goes through tough times in their lives. Instead of highlighting any shortcomings such as loss of employment, a poor credit history, or lack of cash, your loan approval varies based on the black book value of your vehicle. This means no credit check or need for income information.

Excellent Approval Rates

High acceptance rates and the ability to assist clients with poor credit scores are also features of AutologiQ’s business model. In order to determine approval and calculate approved amounts, you input your vehicle information or VIN and mileage into our monthly calculator, this will instantly return the max loan amount you are approved for. You then input the estimate of your vehicle work and we’ll break your loan down into your monthly payment amount.

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Find out what loan amount your are eligible for today and purchase your tire and wheel package with an AutologiQ approved service centre in Toronto. Interested in learning more about our EMP program? Contact an AutologiQ representative or visit our FAQ page today.

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