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Wheel Package Financing in Langley, BC

Wheel Package Financing Made Easy with autologiQ in Langley

Wheels have a particularly alluring quality that tends to give the automobile that they are mounted on both a stronger visual impact and personality; this is why getting the best wheel package is essential for all car owners. Although having the best wheel package is fundamental to all car owners, getting the best wheel package can be quite expensive. Due to the aforementioned difficulties, autologiQ offers wheel package financing options in Langley.

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Wheel Package Financing with autologiQ in Langley

Are you looking to finance a new set of tires and wheels? A number of shops across the province offer tire and wheel packages for today’s drivers. Buying a set of tires and wheels at one time can be pricy, and although many drivers may need it to keep their vehicle safe, it isn’t always an affordable option.

Here at AutologicIQ we can help. Our team offers tire and wheel package financing at certified auto service center affiliates in Langley. You can select the tire and wheel package you want and choose to pay the total invoice amount in small easy monthly payments.

You can easily apply online and enter in some vehicle details to calculate the amount of  a loan you quality for. This amount is calculated based on the equity of your vehicle. So no credit checks!

You can then use the approved amount towards auto repairs, service appointments, vehicle accessories, or new tire and wheel packages.

Quick process with no additional costs

Payments can be broken out over 36 months, making some monthly amounts as low as $20/month. If you pay back the full amount within 60 days there is no interest applied to the loan, so it’s just like paying cash. Furthermore the loan is open, so it can be paid off in full at any point in time.

Experience autologiQ tire and wheel financing today with no hidden fees, simple application and no credit checks.

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Don’t feel stressed about purchasing a new set of tires and wheels for your car anymore. At autologiQ we understand life happens, and your vehicle and safety while driving shouldn’t be compromised until your next pay cheque. Contact us today to learn more information about our financing options in Langley, or click here to use our calculator to learn what amount you qualify for.

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