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Transmission Repair Payment in Toronto, ON

Transmission Repair Payment Plans Powered by AutologiQ in Toronto

Here at AutologiQ in Toronto, we know that your transmission is one of the most important parts of your car. Whether your car’s transmission is automatic or manual this component is what allows your vehicle to move.

Within the transmission, the gearbox is responsible for transferring power from the internal combustion engine to the wheels. This is why, regardless of your financial status, changing your transmission is an essential auto repair when it is required. In order to mitigate these expenses, AutologiQ can offer you the transmission repair financing you need to get your car back on the road.

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We Provide Transmission Repairs with Interest Rates Similar to Your Credit Card

For all automotive services including transmission repairs, AutologiQ offers an Easy Monthly Payments (EMP) plan. Our solution, EMP, provides customers with a load with an interest of 19.99% per annum, this is similar and in many instances lower than your credit card interest rate. Additionally, we provide you with a 36-month payback period, and if at any point during that time you choose to payback your loan in full, we will not penalize you.

Some lenders may be able to grant you a loan without running your credit score, while others may only approve loans to those with a recognized credit history. Through the AutologiQ EMP program you are offered a loan based on the market value of your vehicle, not your credit score or income history. You are immediately approved for a loan up to a maximum of 25% of the value of your vehicle.

For better financing for transmission repairs contact AutologiQ in Toronto

The most frequent maintenance required for a transmission is the topping off and replenishing of transmission fluid. If your transmission fluid is low or poor quality, this could prevent your transmission from operating properly and may cause unnecessary damage, such as degradation.

For flexible payment options and exclusive auto repair financing in Toronto, contact AutologiQ today and speak with one of our representatives for more details.

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