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SteelsSteel wheels and rims are an important part of winter driving in Canada, as they increase vehicle safety due to their weight and are less likely to get damaged when compared to alloy wheels.

Additionally, steel wheels can be a cost effective option for today’s drivers and have become more and more popular over the years. Although steel rims may not have the same ‘flashy’ look that alloy wheels have, it does offer a durable option for the harsh winter road conditions.

Despite the necessity of having quality rims and tires, especially in the winter, not everyone can afford to pay for them up front. At autologiQ we offer Easy Monthly Payment options for drivers who may be looking for new winter tire and steel wheel packages in Windsor.

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What are Steel Wheels?

Steel wheels are created out of a mixture of iron and carbon. They are developed to be more durable than alloy options, however the trade off to this is the limited amount of aesthetic options available. As they are cut on a press and welded together, they do not offer the same aesthetic spoke options as alloy wheels.

Although the weight of steel tires may be heavier than tires made of alloy, one benefit of the added weight is that they are less susceptible to impact cracks; damage from deicer, gravel, and brake dust, making them the best option for winter steel rims. Plus, they are more cost effective than their alloy counter parts.

Another aspect to consider when looking to buy steel wheels are the finish options. Steel wheels are finished with paint, powder coated, chrome, and chrome clad whereas alloy wheels have different finishes such as chrome, powder coated, painted, machined, clear-coated, PVD, and bare polished.

Benefits of Having Steel Wheels

On top of being less susceptible to certain types of damage, there are various other benefits to having a vehicle that is equipped with steel wheels including:

  • They are designed to make it easy to commute in all four seasons
  • They are favourable for recreational off-roading
  • Their heavier weight makes them ideal for travelling in harsh Canadian weather
  • They are less expensive than alloy wheels
  • They are easier to maintain than alloy wheels.

The Cons of Having Steel Wheels

Prior to purchasing steel wheels it is important to know both the positive and negative impacts they can have. While steel wheels are known for being heavy-duty and good for harsh conditions and terrain, there are some cons to these wheels, such as:

  • Lower fuel economy due to the weight of the rims making the vehicle drag
  • The lack of spoke variety available
  • Limited finish options

What is autologiQ?

autologiQ prides itself in being a company that assists its clients with managing their vehicles, with the goal of being a one-stop service where clients can meet all of their vehicular needs.

By employing individuals with both automotive and fintech backgrounds, autologiQ’s staff is very well versed in the automotive industry as well as finances.

What Does autologiQ Do?

autologiQ enables its clients to be able to finance their automotive repairs and purchases through their easy to navigate app and website.

They accomplish this through providing easy monthly payment plans that allow individuals to pay off their purchases incrementally over time as opposed to all of it up front. autologiQ is able to make their finances accessible even to those with poor credit as they use your car’s black book value to determine your loan amount and interest rates as opposed to performing credit card checks.

autologiQ’s services are easy to access through their online portal. In order to apply all you need to do is go to their website, select the ‘vehicle owner’ option, and enter the ‘Easy Monthly Calendar’.

The easy monthly calendar will then ask you to input your vehicle’s information, such as its VIN Number, year, make, and model. Once entering this information the Easy Monthly Planner will be able to calculate your loan amount as well as the associated monthly interest rates, which start as low as $20 a month at 0% APR. Terms and conditions apply.

Additionally, you will be able to choose your loan period of either 3, 6, 12, 18 or 36 months with rates ranging from 0% to 30% APR depending on your chosen plan.

Contact autologiQ for Your Steel Wheels & Rims Financing Needs in Windsor

If you are in need of steel rims and tires but do not have the financial assets in Windsor, log onto the autologiQ website and apply for one of their low interest financing plans with easy monthly payment options. autologiQ offers reasonable financing options so that you can get the wheel package that meets your needs.

Finding out if you are eligible is easy as once you fill out the Easy Monthly Planner autologiQ will calculate your financing options in minutes. autologiQ also offers a lease-to-own option, which includes a 90 day purchase option. This allows customers with poor credit scores the ability to build their credit scores if they pay their installments in full and on time.

Not only does autologiQ finance the purchasing of car parts, such as tires and wheels, they also finance vehicle accessories, such as lift kits, and vehicle servicing, such as transmission repairs.

With their no additional costs guarantee, autologiQ ensures that you will always pay the price that was outlined in your financing agreement.

autologiQ is aware of the financial difficulties that individuals are facing due to inflation and scarcity within the automotive industry. With that being said, if you need to buy steel rims, look no further than autologiQ’s easy and convenient financing services in Windsor. Contact autologiQ today for more information.

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