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Tires on Payments in Toronto, ON

Get Your Tires on Payments with autologiQ in Toronto

The majority of drivers hold the opinion that getting new tires is too expensive despite the fact that the current set of tires that they have are jeopardizing their vehicle’s performance. Buying new tires for your car is a significant expense, as many estimate paying between $500 to $1200 to purchase and install their new tires due to high inflation rates.

However, many customers are unaware that you don’t have to pay the entire cost for new tires upfront. At autologiQ in Toronto, we have several flexible monthly financing options within our financing program that will help you purchase the wheels, repairs, and automotive accessories that you need, even if you have a poor credit history.

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Financing Tires with a Poor Credit History

You may be wondering, ‘how can I finance my tires if I have no credit?’ At autologiQ we are asked this question frequently and the answer is simple: we offer the best monthly financing options for every type of buyer. Whether you have good credit, low credit, or no credit, autologiQ has a monthly financing plan that will suit your needs.

The reality for many individuals with poor or no credit is that they will most likely have to lease their tires as opposed to buying them outright. Despite the fact that you are in a ‘lease-to-own’ arrangement, you will still be able to immediately purchase and install your new tires. At autologiQ in Toronto, our payment plans are flexible, with the option to make either weekly or monthly payments.

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At autologiQ in Toronto, we don’t just finance tires, we aspire to keep the roads safe by ensuring that every motorist has access to high quality tires for their vehicle, despite their credit history. Don’t let your financial situation be the only thing keeping you from providing your car with the tires it needs. autologiQ is happy to assist customers in identifying a payment plan that best fits their financial situation, credit history, and time frame.

Give autologiQ a call today if you are looking for easy-pay monthly payment options starting with rates as low as $20 a month. Our specialists will happily point you in the direction of the best tires for your lifestyle, vehicle, and driving conditions, all while accommodating your current financial situation.

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