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What is autologiQ Roadside Assistance (RSA)?

autologiQ RSA is a 24/7 emergency roadside assistance service available to subscribing members only. autologiQ RSA covers the following services:

The maximum number of service calls per year covered under the program is three (3). However, if you are over your maximum limit, service will still be provided to you on the basis that you will pay the provider directly, out of pocket.

How do I purchase autologiQ Roadside Assistance?

You may purchase autologiQ RSA online or via our mobile Apps, or by contacting your vehicle advisor. The RSA membership fee is payable annually.

How do I make a service request?

Subscribers to the service can call 1-888-929-6476 and press 9 to reach an associate for service. Please have your membership details ready before you call. This will help our associates identify you and dispatch a service provider as quickly as possible.

Do I have to be physically present when I make a service request?

No, you do not have to be physically present when you make a service call as the service is rendered to the vehicle that is linked to the membership irrespective of who is driving it.

Can I use the autologiQ RSA service on any vehicle that I drive?

No. The autologiQ RSA is tied to a specific vehicle that is covered under the program irrespective of who is driving it.

What if I have multiple vehicles in my household?

If you have multiple vehicles in your household that you could like covered under the program, please subscribe to the service for each of the vehicles.

Do you offer any discounts for multiple memberships?

Our service is priced very competitively with the objective to save our clients money, as compared to other similar services. Hence, we do not offer any discounts for multiple memberships in a household.

Where can I have my vehicle towed?

Your vehicle can be towed to any nearest garage within 20kms, which will be counted as one (1) service. You may not ask for your vehicle to be towed to your home, unless in situations such as a late night where there are no garages/dealerships/repair service centres open.

Once your vehicle has been towed to a garage, you may request for a tow from that garage to another garage, however, it will be counted as two (2) tows, and deducted from your three (3) annual services allowed within the program.

However, request for a repeat service within 24 hours will be granted and will NOT go against the total number of annual service calls covered within the program. After the 24 hours period lapses, you will need to avail of the remaining services in the program or pay out of pocket, as the case may be.

What if I exceed the number of service calls permitted within autologiQ RSA?

Our objective is to ensure no client is denied service when it is required. As such if you are over your maximum service calls for the year covered under the program, the service will still be rendered to you on the basis that you will pay the provider directly, out of pocket.

What type of vehicles are covered in the program?

Vehicles covered under the program are limited to cars, vans, SUVs and trucks that are meant for personal use, including RVs and electric vehicles.

Who provides the service when I need the Roadside Assistance service?

autologiQ has made arrangements with a service provider, AXA Assistance Canada Inc., to provide the roadside assistance service.

What geographic areas are covered for the Roadside Assistance service?

The autologiQ RSA covers all of Canada and continental USA.

What if autologiQ Roadside Assistance is not able to provide service following a request?

In the event that we cannot provide the service (exclusive zone or other), you will pay for the service, and then submit a claim to us. However, before you contact an alternative service provider, you must contact autologiQ Roadside Assistance and seek prior consent for this pay & claim service. Amounts reimbursed will be limited to a maximum of $100.00 per towing or winching service, and $50.00 per battery boost, tire replacement or gasoline delivery service, inclusive of any taxes and/or additional charges.

You may submit your claim to us at with the supporting document such a receipt from your service provider.

What are Exclusive Towing Zones?

Exclusive Towing Zones are certain zones, in Ontario and Quebec, where towing providers cannot assist you due to certain legislations. If you need service in an Exclusive Towing Zone:

  • Call 511 (in Ontario) and 4141 (in Quebec) and ask for assistance

  • Submit a claim to autologiQ for reimbursement. See FAQ on “What if autologiQ Roadside Assistance is not able to provide service following a request” for more information on the amounts that would be reimbursed.

Can I cancel my autologiQ Roadside Assistance membership?

Yes, you may cancel your autologiQ RSA within the first 30 days of purchase,  if no services have been provided.

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