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Rims on Credit in Saskatoon, SK

Use autologiQ Instead of Purchasing Rims on Credit

Choosing the right rims for your car is essential, as rims are vital vehicle components. Unfortunately, finding your ideal rims can also be expensive and result in the need for additional funding.

You don’t have to worry because, at autologiQ, we are aware of your potential needs. We can help you obtain rims through our Easy Monthly Payments (EMP) plan instead of on credit. As the best financing option, we’ll minimize any unnecessary burden.

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Why Choose autologiQ in Saskatoon?

In addition to not affecting your credit score when you apply for an EMP loan, we charge an interest rate of 19.99% per annum. This is comparable to and, in many cases, lower than the interest rates charged by credit card companies. It’s common to worry about affecting your credit when you make a big purchase that you might not be able to pay quickly. So, avoid that dread and get your custom wheels today by choosing autologiQ in Saskatoon.

Benefits of Financing Your Rims with Us in Saskatoon

autologiQ specializes in financing auto repairs and accessory purchases, which means there are no strings attached to what you purchase with your loan. We’ll allow your loan to be used for wheel and tire financing, bodywork, mechanical repairs, and more. All that we ask is that you choose an autologiQ trusted service centre. autologiQ has a network of service providers approved to carry out the work on your vehicle that is paid using an EMP loan.

Plans for Flexible Payment

At autologiQ in Saskatoon, we offer financing through our EMP loan. Our payment plans are 36 months in length and are based on the black book value of your vehicle. Our easy approval system means that you are instantly approved regardless of if you have good credit, bad credit or no credit.

Since we use open loans, you are welcome to pay off your loan early or make a lump sum payment if you have surplus cash. There are no penalties or costs associated with paying off your loan early. We encourage you to pay off your loan as soon as you can.

Better Cash Flow

By financing your rims with autologiQ, you can maintain a steady cash flow where your monthly expenses make up less than your total monthly revenue. This allows you to expand your savings account or put money towards other costs you may have.

When purchasing new wheels and rims in Saskatoon, an autologiQ easy monthly payment plan is more manageable than paying in one large installment. It is also more realistic than putting a large charge on your credit card and is the best payment method for significant charges on your vehicle.

Contact an autologiQ representative or visit our FAQ page for more information. Let us help you satisfy all of your automotive financing needs!

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