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Service During an Era of Complacency

We’ve all had that experience where a waitress or retail clerk made you feel like the most important person in the world.  They catered to your every need in a timely fashion and made your experience a positive one.

We’ve also had the opposite.  An experience so poor that you cringed as you tapped the terminal for payment; feeling robbed by the negative experience you were forced to endure.

What makes some companies routinely offer an exceptional level of service, while others don’t?


At autologiQ, we embrace five core values that guide us in our operations.  Trust, Respect, Empowerment, Accountability and Passion.   These deeply ingrained principles determine everything we do.

If someone wants to join the autologiQ team they must exhibit our core values.  They demonstrate these values in their daily tasks and operations.  If a team member fails to respect the intrinsic dignity of another individual, they can no longer be a member of our team.

If a client, or an automotive service partner fails to exhibit, or operates outside the scope of our core values, we recommend they look elsewhere for assistance.  We are selective with our time and choose to serve clients, and work with automotive service partners, who embrace and exhibit our core values.


A company’s purpose is “why” they exist.  Poor service is often a result of the company’s “why” being misaligned with how they serve their clients or what service they provide.

autologiQ’s purpose is very clear!  We operate to help consumers extend the useful life of their vehicle and do so in an affordable manner.

We strive to make the automotive service experience more convenient and transparent via digital interactions with our team of professional service advisors and automotive technicians.

We direct our clients to top-tier automotive professionals across Central and Western Canada, who exhibit our core values and have joined our iQ Network.   Automotive service providers complete the inspection, and perform any diagnostic or technical work required, generating an above average work order that generally includes tires, preventative maintenance, and reactive repairs.

Our client’s benefit from being proactive with their vehicle’s preventative maintenance and ensuring reactive repairs are fair and reasonable and will extend the useful life of their existing vehicle.   Our Easy Monthly Payments (“EMP”) solution allows the service experience to be affordable and manageable for our clients.

When we build trust with our valued clients and when we work collaboratively with exceptional automotive service providers to service our valued clients, autologiQ is achieving its purpose.


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