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iQ Team Appreciation Breakfast

The annual iQ Team Appreciation Breakfast was held on Saturday September 24th, 2023.  This annual event is hosted by CEO, Jeffey Newhouse and his wife Michelle.  The purpose of the annual get-together is to recognize our people in the organization that live out our core values and uniquely contribute to fulfilling our purpose of extending the useful life of our client’s vehicle in an affordable way.

As autologiQ strives towards accomplishing our mission of being the leading automotive digital service provider in North America, we remain grateful for the men and women who have committed their lives to this journey.

We call our group of people, Team Members.  But an appropriate and symbolic term would be Staff.

Like a walking staff, our team members always give support to each other. They are reliable, never break and hold up the organization.

A walking staff also holds you up when you are weary.  Since not everyone can be 100%, all of the time, the iQ Team is famous for filling in with double-duty when team members are ill or need to focus their attention on personal matters.


A walking staff creates stability when travelling rocky terrain. The iQ Team was instrumental in adapting our regular processes during the COVID years, helping us navigate one of the rockiest times in modern history with poise and success.

A shepherd’s staff is particularly symbolic of our group. On one end of a shepherd’s staff is a hook that is used to keep the sheep together, where they will be safer against wolves.  Our hook has always been our consistent purpose of extending the useful life of our client’s vehicles.  Jeffrey Newhouse maintains the unity of our iQ Team by articulating a consistent vision at all times.


On the other end of a shepherd’s staff is a sharp point.  This is used to attack wild predators, allowing the flock to venture into new territories to graze.  The technology team at autologiQ is always attacking new innovations with persistence and precision, leading our company to digital areas where there is an abundance of new markets.

So while everyone at autologiQ plays different roles, we are all made up of one staff.  Strong, useful, and supportive.  Our staff has an incredible diversity of skill, stemming from our wide range of educational, cultural and work experience backgrounds.

The strength of our staff is determined by making sure the layers we add to it, believe in our purpose and align with our values.  And that’s why we feel it is important to recognize how our values are played out in our work environment and how certain team members have contributed to our company.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Rick Mackenzie (Trust)

Mike Bencak (Respect)

Devon McCarthy (Pride of Ownership)

Joe Vanstone (Empowerment)

Sunday David (Passion)


Tina Lowe – Team Member of the Year


Abid Hassan (Rookie of the Year)

Muhammad Aurangzaib (Platinum Slugger)

Noah Smolders (Unity Award)

Daniel Parikh (Professional of the Year)

Jessica Jerome (MVP)


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