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How To Save $20,000 in 10 Years

Inflation is making everything more expensive. Mortgage payments are going through the roof. Grocery bills have doubled.  Fuel prices continue to rise. Labour disruptions like the B.C. Port Strike create supply issues that drive up consumer prices. 

Expenses are higher than incomes.  How can anyone save money in this economic climate?

With your car.  Here is how we can help. 

autologiQ’s purpose is to help you extend the useful life of your vehicle in an affordable way.  Why?

Because for every year that you drive your vehicle after the financing is fully paid, you save approximately $2,500/ year. This takes into consideration the costs to maintain and service the vehicle.

You are literally saving money every day that you own your vehicle outright.

How to Extend the Useful Life of Your Vehicle

Just as a person can’t expect to live a long life if they spend the first half of it eating poorly, getting no exercise, and damaging their organs with toxic chemicals, a vehicle can’t last 15 years with improper care.

A vehicle needs the clean and proper lubricants to allow the mechanical parts to smoothly do their job.  With a build up of metal shavings, the lubricant loses its cooling properties which causes premature failure.

At regular service intervals, various fluids such as oil, transmission and brake fluid need to be drained and replaced.  Alignments keep your tires straight and lasting longer.  Clean air and cabin filters ensure you are not putting a strain on your engine and HVAC systems.

Unfortunately, many people only change their oil when the light pops up on their dashboard.  Much like people only start eating healthy when the doctor tells them their cholesterol is high.

But when you try to save $300-400 at your service appointment by only doing the oil and deferring the other scheduled maintenance, you could potentially be costing yourself thousands of dollars by prematurely requiring a new vehicle.

How Do I know What My Vehicle Needs

The simple answer is that it is listed in your owner’s manual.  But unless you are skilled at mechanical maintenance, this information will likely be a little overwhelming.

A good mechanic will keep track of your maintenance schedule and recommend the proper care at each interval.  Some people call this “upselling” because they think that the mechanic is trying to make money.  The truth is that they are actually trying to save you money and the inconvenience of a breakdown.

autologiQ Makes it Easier

We built autologiQ to make managing your vehicle easier and more convenient.  Our Virtual Service Advisor team keeps track of your maintenance through your vehicle dashboard, assists with the scheduling at the nearest iQ Network location and provides an Easy Monthly Payment solution for any invoices over $500.

Our team is comprised of professional licensed technicians who use industry software to treat your vehicle the way the manufacturer has directed.

In today’s economic climate, you can’t afford to shortcut your savings.  You need to make the right decisions that will save you thousands of dollars over a decade.

Let us help.  Chat with our technicians or become an autologiQ client today, click HERE

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