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Drive Longer with autologiQ and Mister Transmission

Walking through an auto salvage yard, you will find vehicles in good condition that people have thrown away. In some cases, it was the transmission that failed, but instead of rebuilding or replacing it, the owner opted to buy a newer vehicle.

Unfortunately, this decision is harmful to both the environment as well as the owner’s finances.  Rather than extending the vehicle’s useful life with a transmission repair or replacement, the owner instead chose to throw away thousands of their hard-earned dollars; allocated to depreciation, interest and the negative equity inherent in financing or leasing a newer vehicle.  Scrapping your existing vehicle before using it for its engineered useful puts a strain on our environment.   Extending the useful life of your existing vehicle will reduce the amount of non-renewable resources it takes to manufacture another vehicle for your consumption. 

Thankfully, autologiQ has partnered with Mister Transmission to make it easier for vehicle owners to make the right decision.  Mister Transmission has locations across Canada offering autologiQs Easy Monthly Payments to pay for transmission repairs or replacement.

The benefit of autologiQ versus other financing options is that there is no credit check.  By simply entering in the vehicle information and current mileage, autologiQ and Mister Transmission clients are pre-approved for up to $10,000 to apply towards repairs.


With autologiQ’s purpose of helping clients extend the useful life of their vehicle, it makes sense that they sponsored the Longest Drive competition at the recent Mister Transmission Annual Golf Tournament. 

“Our annual golf tournament is a fantastic opportunity to raise money for a great cause, catch up with old, and new friends, and of course, enjoy a day of golfing. We are proud to have autologiQ both participate in our event and sponsor our longest drive competition!” said a representative of Mister Transmission.

“Our partnership with Mister Transmission has helped many people keep their vehicle on the road and save them thousands of dollars”, said President of autologiQ, Michael Smolders.

“More importantly, we are proud sponsors of their golf tournament because the proceeds go directly to children and families in need.”

Learn more about Mister Transmission’s Charitable Fund

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