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autologiQ at the Tirecraft Ontario/ Atlantic Conference

The autologiQ Team was privileged to join Tirecraft dealers from Ontario and the Atlantic provinces at their annual Conference in Ottawa, ON.  The event was hosted by strategic partner, In Motion Brands and was a grand success.  The conference was packed with excellent information and insight in how to effectively run your automotive business and provide an exceptional client experience for vehicle owners.

Our President of autologiQ, Michael Smolders took part in a panel that discussed diversifying your revenue.  The panel discussed how businesses shouldn’t pigeonhole their value offering by restricting it to a singular product or service.

“Tires are an excellent way to attract new customers,” explained Smolders, “but once you capture that lead, you have an opportunity to help that consumer with many other needs and wants they may have.  Even if you don’t specialize in certain products like remote starters or body work, there is no reason why you can’t manage the request for the client and partner with nearby shops to perform the work.”

Essentially, that is what autologiQ does.  They manage the relationship for the consumer so that they can rely on a one-stop-shop for everything automotive.  We direct those customers to our iQ Network locations to perform the physical work.  Rather than send them to four different shops to get a variety of services, our top iQ Network locations bring the vehicle to their facility and coordinate the services to be performed at other locations if required.

During the conference, autologiQ presented Windsor Tirecraft with their Top Service Provider award for servicing the highest volume of clients from all Tirecraft locations.

“We value the partnership with autologiQ”, said managing partner Erik Smith, “we didn’t realize how much revenue autologiQ would be sending us.  But once we did, we began to prioritize the partnership and value the new clients they were sending our way.”

autologiQ was able to connect with some of their current members and sign up new locations during the industry trade show.

“We’re excited to launch our new platform for dealers and make it even easier to help consumers extend the useful life of their vehicle in an affordable way”, said National Accounts Manager, Noah Smolders. “Our development team has looked at all the pain points of our system and developed ways to eliminate them. With these new changes, we are expecting the usage of our EMP program to double.”

For more information on the EMP program or to join the iQ Network please contact 1-888-929-6476 Ext 1010.


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