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autologiQ Only Partners with the Best

autologiQ Only Partners with the Best

autologiQ’s digital vehicle management model is brand new in the industry.  It meets the modern consumer demand for social and e-commerce.  Currently, the online shopping experience for automotive service is very limited and clunky.  At best, you can use an online tire shopping tool, at worst, you have to call a shop for the quote.

autologiQ has revolutionized the online shopping experience by combining 3 key components:

  1. Virtual Technicians and Service Advisors that can be reached instantly through your smart phone;
  2. Advanced technology that connects the client’s vehicle with autologiQ’s vehicle management team and the nearest service facility;
  3. Network of professional service facilities that perform the physical work on the vehicle;

The first 2 components are largely in control of autologiQ and their team.  For the third component, autologiQ must rely on the professionalism of independently owned and operated businesses.  This is why autologiQ only allows companies that align with their purpose, vision and values to service autologiQ client vehicles.

One of the brands that autologiQ has full confidence in is Trail Tire Auto Centers.  Trail Tire operates over 60 retail locations supported by 5 tire distribution centres across the 4 western provinces.

Like autologiQ, they understand the value of extending the useful life of vehicles and provide a complete car care experience for the consumer.

Currently, 14 locations are authorized to serve autologiQ clients with iQ Network locations in Calgary, Edmonton, Vernon and Winnipeg.

Recently, autologiQ was honoured to share some time with this group by honouring some of their Top Service Providers in the iQ Network and sponsoring their Beach Volleyball tournament in Cancun, Mexico.

Although the automotive service industry relies on technology, tools and equipment to take care of your vehicle, ultimately it is people who will serve you.  Spending time with the owners and operators of Trail Tire makes it plainly evident that these are good people.  They are the type of people that we feel confident handing our clients over to.

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