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Auto Shops Choose autologiQ for Repair Financing

When it comes to automotive businesses offering alternative payment solutions, Easy Monthly Payments has been chosen as the best auto and tire repair financing solution for both the customer and automotive shops that serve them.

Our purpose is to help consumers extend the useful life of their vehicles in an affordable way. We can only fulfill this purpose if we provide a payment solution that is easy to use, affordable and flexible.

Businesses searching for auto repair financing need to be aware of some important benefits that autologiQ’s financing solution has over other options.




Automotive Business

No Fees No Upfront Costs
No Customer Applications No Credit Checks or Reporting
Instantly approves up to $10,000 Instantly Approves up to $10,000
Online Submissions E-sign Agreement
Covers all work on the vehicle Includes Insurance Deductibles
Free Features like 90 Day 0% Interest No Penalties for Early Pay Out
Marketing Support

500+ locations

Difference Between autologiQ and Credit-based Options

Easy Monthly Payments helps customers access instant credit to spend at automotive shops without any applications, credit checks, income verifications or references.  It literally takes less than 10 seconds to enter the vehicle information and current mileage.

Easy Monthly Payments is asset-lending because the credit is secured by the value of the vehicle. Unlike other lending solutions that use a credit score check to approve the customer, Easy Monthly Payments does not take into account any credit history.

The main difference between companies like Flexiti, Affirm and EasyPay is that they require a credit check.  This solution works well if you are selling products online, but it isn’t the best solution for serving your vehicle.

In automotive service, Easy Monthly Payments is the best financing solution because service advisors can quote all their estimates in monthly payments.  Since no credit check is necessary, the EMP calculator will pre-approve vehicles for credit before even talking to the customer. This makes Easy Monthly Payments a great marketing tool.

When giving a monthly payment quote for tires, wheels, lift kits and all repairs, your business will have a significant advantage over the competition without compromising on price.

Difference Between autologiQ and Other Asset-based Options

Other asset-lending solutions for auto repair loans are substantially different from Easy Monthly Payments.  If you are already using another repair financing solution, autologiQ can eliminate some of the friction and negative customer experience that some of these programs create.

Firstly, autologiQ does not require you to take a picture of the vehicle or odometer. You will not be required to install a GPS unit or add autologiQ as an insurance payee. These extra steps are cumbersome and auto repair shops using Easy Monthly Payments give great reviews about the ease of use.

For the customer, the interest rates are less than most credit cards and they don’t increase when you are late for a payment. Many companies advertising 0% interest are, in fact, charging high interest rates, up to 40% when you read the fine print. It is important that you protect your customer from financing companies that take advantage of the customer.

Customers and Businesses Alike Choose Easy Monthly Payments

autologiQ’s Easy Monthly Payments feature is a game-changer for both customers and businesses in the auto repair industry. Whether it’s a planned or emergency car repair, autologiQ has you covered. Customers benefit from the simplicity and speed of accessing instant credit without the need for applications, credit checks, or income verifications.

On the other hand, businesses enjoy the advantage of being able to quote all estimates in monthly payments, giving them a competitive edge without compromising on price. By eliminating the need for credit checks and offering a user-friendly experience, autologiQ becomes an attractive marketing tool for service providers.

When deciding on the best auto repair financing solution, take a look at the Google Reviews and see what customers are saying.  autologiQ has maintained a high Net Promoter Score from the consumer and service provider and makes it their mission to provide a positive client experience.

With autologiQ’s Easy Monthly Payments, customers and businesses alike can enjoy a hassle-free and convenient financing solution that streamlines the auto repair process.

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List of some of the Brands using autologiQ’s Easy Monthly Payments:

Active Green & Ross

Canada Custom Auto Works

GoWrench Mobile Services

Integra Tire

Limitless Tire



Mister Transmission


Reach Tire

Simplicity Car Care

Signature Tire


Trail Tire

Locations Served
Winter tires and rims