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Truck Engine Repair Financing

Truck Engine Repair Financing with autologiQ

Getting from point A to B in your vehicle is a daily necessity for most Canadian drivers. If your vehicle, whether it’s a car, van or truck has issues, autologiQ is here to help. Lots of drivers on the road today have a truck as their vehicle to help move large items, to tow equipment and/or to tackle roads and paths that a typical car or van may not be able to get to.

With all the extra weight a truck may be carrying, it is placed under a lot of strain when transporting large cargo and driving long distances and it may develop engine issues if not properly cared for. Keeping up with regular maintenance will help qualified technicians detect, and repair minor issues early on to help you avoid costly unexpected repairs.

If this happens to your vehicle, you will need a reliable repair service centre to help with the required engine repair or engine service. Engine repair can be an expensive and unplanned thing that drivers need to cover, and that isn’t always easy. Some drivers may have to use a credit card, turn to a line of credit or look into other short term payment methods to cover the cost.

At autologiQ, we offer a short term payment program that offers drivers easy monthly payment options for large work orders. with open loans, the amount can be paid off monthly as scheduled or ahead of schedule with no penalty. The approval process is quick and easy with no credit check required.

How to Apply Online

An engine overhaul can be expensive, so you may need more money to help finance it. We’ve outlined the process for financing truck repair through autologiQ below.

1.   Get approved for your max loan amount

The application process for your autologiQ Easy Monthly Payments loans is simple. Just enter your VIN or vehicle information into our Easy Monthly Payments Calculator. The information we require includes:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Trim
  • Style
  • KMs driven

With this information we will instantly approve you for your max loan amount based on the current Black Book value of your vehicle. This means that we’ll never conduct a credit check or affect your credit score through our financing methods.

2.   Find your easy monthly payment amount

Once you’ve been approved for your max loan amount, input a quote or invoice amount into the second part of our calculator. We’ll factor in your one time admin fee and interest amounts to provide you with your easy monthly payment amount.

3.   Book your appointment

With your easy monthly payment amount fully approved, it is time to book an appointment. Use your approval ID found on the Easy Monthly Calculator to book an appointment with an autologiQ trusted repair service centre. This will allow you to instantly pay with Easy Monthly Payments. We partner and work with trustworthy service centres from coast to coast, to ensure you can find a local service centre that you can trust to perform the work.

4.   Pay Later

Now that we’ve covered the costs of your truck repair, you will begin paying your monthly payments. We’ll set up pre authorized withdrawals directly from your bank account so that you never have to worry about missing a payment. As mentioned above, the loan is open, so if at any point in time you have some extra money, you can apply it to the loan with no issues.

5.  Get in Touch with autologiQ Today

If your vehicle needs work done financing with autologiQ is the best option. The financial experts at autologiQ are here to assist you should you have any questions throughout the loan process. Our loans can not only be used towards engine repair but also other services such as brake repair, purchasing a new set of tires, or to go towards the cost of new wheels and/or vehicle accessories. Contact an associate if you have any questions, or visit our FAQ page to read through some of our most asked questions.

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