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autologiQ Announces Gold Sponsorship of AARO

autologiQ has made a large commitment of support in the automotive industry with a GOLD sponsorship of Automotive Aftermarket Retailers of Ontario (AARO),

“We welcome autologiQ to AARO and hope that our members take advantage of this program”, stated Diane Freeman, AARO President.

AARO actively seeks out and evaluates programs and services like autologiQ, to demonstrate its commitment to supporting its members in the operation of their businesses. It’s essential to continuously assess and adopt such initiatives to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of customers and the automotive industry.

autologiQ was established in 2021, by members of the auto industry, with a purpose to extend the useful life of consumers’ vehicles in an affordable way.   In achieving their purpose, they rely on their mission to professionalize the automotive service industry through innovation, technology and a commitment to exceptional client experience.

Membership and sponsorship of AARO is another way autologiQ is connecting businesses, organizations and associations to professionalize automotive services.

The automotive service industry serves a very important function in our society.  Yet, unlike healthcare and engineering, the automotive service technician fails to garner the professional recognition they have achieved; owing to the many years of education and training required to achieve a master’s level certification in this profession.

“We believe in the value that AARO offers its members and the positive impact that a network of professionals can make in this industry”, says President of autologiQ, Michael Smolders.

The autologiQ program addresses two key concerns for AARO members – the cost of repairs for customers and the need for prompt payment for shop owners.  By offering customers the option to have necessary repairs and services performed immediately, rather than delaying due to financial constraints, this program can help shops increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Ensuring that shops receive payment for their services is crucial for maintaining a healthy and sustainable business. With the autologiQ program, members can provide a convenient payment solution, potentially reducing the risk of delayed or unpaid invoices. This can contribute to a smoother cash flow and overall financial stability for the participating businesses.

“AARO’s members are the type of people autologiQ wants to do business with”, remarks Smolders.

“Our business model at autologiQ requires partnerships with the industry’s leading Professional Automotive Service Providers.  We are experiencing a “triple digit percentage” increase in demand for our online vehicle management services.   As this segment of our business continues to grow, it’s critical that we partner with the best-of-the-best operators in the industry.

Our Professional Automotive Service Providers provide the diagnostic, inspection and technical work on our client’s vehicles, performed at their service facilities.   We believe that operators who chose to be a member of AARO align with our purpose and mission.

autologiQ offers AARO members significant value by making our Easy Monthly Payment (EMP) solution accessible

to all members at no cost.   With a sharp and continued increase in consumers choosing Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options at checkout, autologiQ’s Easy Monthly Payments solution provides AARO members with a BNPL that works best within the automotive service model.

“As we get to know the AARO members using our program”, said Smolders, “we will invite the top performers to help serve our clients through our GEAR 2 Program.

In addition to being members of AARO, autologiQ is also a member of the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA).  We are actively networking with like-minded business owners and welcome opportunities to learn from and collaborate with professionals in our great industry.

To learn more about AARO and become a member click here.

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