Why Should I Purchase Extend, the all-inclusive repairs and maintenance coverage?

autologiQ Extend is designed to solve 3 main challenges facing vehicle owners:

  1. The unpredictable cost of repairing and maintaining the vehicle;

  2. A lack of knowledge and experience to properly manage the vehicle’s maintenance and prolong its useful life; and

  3. A distrust that dealerships and auto repair shops will take advantage of you.

If you have experienced any of these challenges, Extend would be a great solution for you.

What is Extend?

autologiQ’s Extend is an all-inclusive repairs and maintenance program that uses modern technology and an infrastructure of trusted service providers to manage the maintenance and repairs on behalf of the vehicle owner. It offers Canadian consumers the means to stop worrying about significant maintenance costs of their vehicles in exchange for a specific, affordable monthly payment that covers all preventative maintenance, wear and tear items, and reactive repairs.

By fixing the monthly maintenance costs, autologiQ’s Extend helps Canadian’s better budget for their annual transportation expense. This disciplined approach results in Canadian’s having more disposable income to save, or to pay down higher interest debts.

A personal Vehicle Advisor manages all your appointments for you and ensures that your vehicle is being maintained optimally. It eliminates any worry you may have of being taken advantage of.

How do I qualify for an Extend coverage?

autologiQ’s Extend is built on a foundation of mutual respect for vehicles. Our mission is to help Canadians improve their financial well-being by fixing, at a manageable monthly amount, the maintenance costs associated with owning a vehicle. We want to help many of our fellow Canadian’s through this innovative program, so it is very important that the vehicle lasts as long as possible. Taking care of the vehicle is a collaborative effort.

The Extend is meant for personal use vehicles and each subscriber is vetted to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements of the program.

How is autologiQ’s Extend different than an extended warranty typically offered by a vehicle dealership?

An extended warranty, typically offered by a vehicle dealership, is an insurance policy on the vehicle, a safeguard against expensive, unforeseen repairs. For a specific upfront cost, it covers repairs for certain items covered under the policy for an agreed-upon term and kilometers. Preventative maintenance such as oil changes, timing belt replacements or tune-ups, and items that wear out, such as brake pads and windshield wipers, are generally NOT covered.

autologiQ’s Extend is an all-inclusive repairs & maintenance program that includes all aspects – preventative maintenance, items that wear out from usage (including tires), and all repairs associated with a mechanical breakdown. The cost of the coverage is payable monthly over the term.

What are the eligibility criteria for an Extend coverage?

To be eligible to participate in autologiQ’s Extend, the following criteria must be met:

  • You are at least 18 years old (or the age of majority in your province);
  • You must reside within the membership service area of autologiQ;
  • You must have a valid driver’s license;
  • You must possess a valid debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard);
  • You must own or lease the vehicle that is meant for personal use;
  • Your vehicle must be sufficiently insured with a comprehensive coverage;
  • Your vehicle must meet certain criteria based on its Year, Model and Current Kilometers.
Please visit https://www.autologiq.ca/free-quote and provide your information to obtain more details on the Extend program specific to your vehicle.

Do you perform a Credit check before you grant an Extend coverage?

No, we do not perform a credit check or pull your record from a credit bureau as a soft check.

How long is the Extend coverage valid for?

The Extend coverage is for a period of three years.

For continued coverage of your vehicle, we will contact you just prior to the expiry of the coverage to discuss renewal.

How do I purchase an Extend coverage?

An Extend coverage can be purchased on-line at https://www.autologiq.ca/extend or at any of the authorized autologiQ service providers.

Why do you charge a premium for European vehicles?

European vehicles have specific higher standards prescribed on oil and fluids that can be used. These grades of oils are more expensive to purchase and typically cannot be purchased in bulk. Other wear items such as belts, hoses, brake pads and rotors that require periodic replacement are more expensive for each specific European vehicle when compared to a comparable American or Asian vehicle. Even aftermarket parts of a European vehicle cost more than a comparable part for American/Asian vehicle.

When does the Extend coverage start once I complete the purchase?

The Extend coverage is subject to an initial digital inspection to be completed by autologiQ, in addition to the completion of the onboarding process and payment of the first month’s fee. A Vehicle Advisor will contact you to schedule an appointment and arrange to pick up your vehicle if required.

The onboarding process comprises of providing the required documentation (copies of current driver’s license, vehicle ownership card, and provision of credit/debit card information) and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Extend program. Upon signing up, a service advisor will contact you to complete your onboarding process.

Why do I need to provide the documents you require for onboarding to the Extend program?

Before we admit you into the Extend program, we are required to verify your identity by asking you to provide a copy of your current driver’s license. We use this information to match it with the ownership of the vehicle, determined by obtaining a copy of the Vehicle Ownership Card. We require the details of your credit/debit card in order to process your monthly fees.

If I have multiple vehicles in my household, do I need to purchase additional coverage?

Extend provides coverage to a specific vehicle registered under the program. If you have multiple vehicles in your household that you would like covered under the program, you will need to purchase coverage for each vehicle.

Is there a Mileage restriction on the Maintenance Membership?

Extend coverage has a 72,000 Km restriction over its 3-year term. If you need additional mileage, please speak to a Vehicle Advisor, and we will offer you a solution to suit your needs.

What happens if I have a mechanical issue while driving?

Please call 1-888-982-0575 and speak with an autologiQ service advisor to report the issue and determine next steps. If your vehicle will be off the road for more than 24 hours, we will arrange for you to have a loaner vehicle (based on availability) while your vehicle is being serviced.

Also, please review the FAQ What geographic area do you cover under the Extend Program.

Can I cancel my Extend coverage or transfer it to a new buyer if I were to sell my vehicle?

You may cancel your Extend coverage at any time. However, a cancellation fee would apply, which may include a charge associated with the total value of services provided to date under the current plan until the date of cancellation. Please contact an autologiQ service advisor by calling 1-888-982-0575, for further information.

You may also transfer the Extend coverage to a buyer, if you were to sell your vehicle. However, the buyer’s address of service would have to be within our Extend Service Area, and the buyer would have to agree to the terms of the Extend coverage. Please contact an autologiQ service advisor by calling 1-888-982-0575, for further information.

What geographic area do you cover under the Extend Program?

We are currently serving users that reside in specific geographic locations (“Extend Service Area”). Please request a quote by providing your information at https://www.autologiq.ca/free-quote and we will respond to you quickly. If your home address currently falls outside our Extend Service Area, please we will contact you when we are able to serve you.

If you are a member of the Extend program needing emergency maintenance assistance when traveling outside of our Extend Service Area for services covered under the Extend, please call us at 1-888-982-0575 so we can authorize the service and find the nearest authorized autologiQ service provider location that can serve you. Please note that we do not provide emergency maintenance assistance outside of Canada.

How does the pick-up and delivery service that is included in the Extend program work?

Our corporate objective is to transform the client experience associated with owning and operating a vehicle. To do so, we offer our valet service as part of the program where in, we as your Vehicle Advisor, will monitor your vehicle and initiate the service appointment when it is due. Once an appointment is scheduled, a service associate will come to your doorstep (home or any other location you specify, within 10 kms of our nearest service location) and pick up your vehicle at the scheduled time. Once the service is completed, your vehicle will be dropped back to your home or the location from which it was picked up.

Am I able to bring my vehicle in for the service appointment if I do not need the pick-up and delivery service?

Yes. However, please note that you will not be able to wait at the Authorized IQ Service Provider location. We may be able to arrange a shuttle based on availability.

Could you describe what happens when my vehicle needs service?

Under the Extend coverage, autologiQ proactively manages your vehicle’s maintenance. When you are nearing a service interval (based on time or mileage), your Vehicle Advisor will contact you to arrange a date for your vehicle to be picked up.

On the day of the appointment, you will be notified when our service associate is nearby to pick up the vehicle. Once picked up, the vehicle will be brought to the authorized autologiQ service provider’s facility and go through our proprietary 360 Digital Inspection, which will identify any areas that require attention. A summary of the report will be provided to you upon completion of the service.

Once the work is complete, your vehicle will be freshly washed. You will be notified when the vehicle is ready to be delivered back to you.

All service records are maintained on your behalf by autologiQ.

Who will be driving my vehicle?

As part of the valet service we offer, your vehicle will be picked up and driven by members of our autologiQ service providers. This could include managers, service advisors, technicians or apprentices.

Safety and good care of your vehicle is our utmost objective. autologiQ does not use a third-party pick up and delivery service provider to ensure that we know the identity and have an established relationship with the associate that operates your vehicle.

How does the 360 Digital Inspection work?

The 360 digital inspection gives a complete analysis of your entire vehicle, to make sure that the vehicle is in an optimal condition to drive. This includes over 50 key areas of inspection that relate to the health of the vehicle. Following the inspection, we provide you with a detailed interactive digital report along with pictures that describe the current state of your vehicle.

Our goal is to be fully transparent with you and always keep you informed about the condition of your vehicle, areas that require your attention, and possible solutions to extend the useful life of your vehicle.