What exactly is a Subscription Vehicle?

autologiQ’s Vehicle Subscription Program (“VSP”) offers Canadian consumers the exclusive use of an “all-inclusive vehicle,” in exchange for a manageable monthly payment that covers all maintenance and repairs[1].

autologiQ eliminates the financial uncertainty associated with operating a depreciating piece of equipment. By fixing the monthly operating costs, autologiQ’s VSP helps Canadian’s better budget for their annual transportation expense. This disciplined approach results in Canadian’s having more disposable income to save, or to pay down higher interest debts.

[1] Fuel and insurance are separate.

Who qualifies for a subscription vehicle?

autologiQ’s VSP is built on a foundation of mutual respect for these vehicles. Our mission is to help improve Canadian’s financial well-being by fixing, at a manageable monthly amount, the operational costs associated with using a vehicle. We want to help many of our fellow Canadian’s through this innovative program, so it is very important that the vehicle last as long as possible. Taking care of the vehicle is a collaborative effort.

Each subscriber is vetted to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements of autologiQ’s VSP.

What are the Eligibility Criteria?

To be eligible to participate in autologiQ’s VSP, the following criteria must be met:You must be 21 years or older;You must possess a valid credit card (Visa or M/C); Consent to a Driver’s Abstract showing no major traffic violations in the past 3 years;At time of membership, have received no more than 4 demerit points;Agree to not-smoke or vape in the vehicles; and currently reside in the GTA.

Is there a credit check?

We do not perform a credit check, and do not pull your credit bureau.

You must consent for us to obtain your Driver’s Abstract as we believe this provides insight into your overall driving behaviour. We want to work with good drivers. You can get your Driver's Abstract here :

How long is the Subscription Term?

The minimum Subscription Term is 90-days. There is no maximum subscription term. The longer you subscribe, the lower the monthly payment becomes.

How can I obtain a Subscription Vehicle?

Vehicles can be subscribed to on-line at or at any mechaniQ Advanced Automotive Repair Facility

All Subscription Vehicles will be delivered through a mechaniQ Advanced Automotive Repair Facility

How many kilometers can I drive?  Is there a cost if I go over the kilometer allocation?

Each Personal Subscription Vehicle comes with 2,000 kilometers of usage each month; 4,000 kilometers usage per month if you have an Uber or Lyft eligible Subscription Vehicle. There is a $0.25/km charge if you exceed the 6,000-kilometer limit during a Personal Subscription Vehicle Term. There is a $0.45/km charge if you exceed the 12,000-kilometer limit in an Uber or Lyft eligible vehicle.

What happens if I have a mechanical issue while driving?

Step 1 - Call 1-888-982-0575 and speak with an autologiQ vehicle consultant to report the issue;

Step 2 – Take the vehicle to a mechaniQ Advanced Automotive Repair Facility. If your vehicle will be off the road for more than 24 hours, mechaniQ will arrange for you to have a loaner vehicle while your vehicle is being serviced.

Step 3 – Pick up your repaired subscription vehicle by the end of the same day you dropped it off.

What happens if I have an accident?

Step 1 – Check to see if anyone is injured. If so, call appropriate first responders as required.

Step 2 – Move vehicles off of road to a safe location and exchange information with the other party (take pictures of Driver’s License, Insurance, License Plate and damages to vehicles).

Step 3 – If autologiQ arranged insurance, contact an autologiQ representative. If you arranged your own insurance, please contact your insurance company to advise of the accident

Step 4 – Contact autologiQ to advise of the accident and arrange a temporary subscription vehicle. Please have your vehicle subscription number handy when calling (located at the top of this pamphlet.)

Can I add an additional driver to my subscription Canada)

Yes. A second driver may be added to the vehicle provided they meet the same eligibility criteria as the driver. A second driver charge may apply.

I want to return my car early, is there a penalty to do so?

While you are welcome to return the vehicle early, you are responsible for the minimum Subscription Term.

What happens if I return the subscription vehicle late?

You are encouraged to keep the Subscription Vehicle for as long as you desire. The longer you keep and use the vehicle, the lower your monthly payment becomes. Our minimum Subscription Term is 90 days and we charge by the month. In addition, if you fail to return the vehicle when due for its regular scheduled maintenance, you will be required to complete a Hot Oil Flush at your own expense.

Do I need to refuel the vehicle before returning?

The Subscription Vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel as when delivered (noted on the Vehicle Condition Report at time of delivery). Refueling will be charged back at $2.50/litre.

What is your pet policy?

Pets are more than welcome to travel with the subscriber however the subscriber is responsible to have the interior cleaned upon return. An interior detailing fee of $349 will be charged if the vehicle is not maintained in a cleanly manner or if there is evidence of tobacco or cannabis smoke.