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Why autologiQ

Our Purpose is to provide services and solutions that extend the useful life of our client’s vehicle in a convenient, transparent and affordable way.

autologiQ was formed to overcome 3 major challenges of owning a vehicle:

  • Lack of knowledge regarding OEM maintenance requirements to ensure their vehicle lasts its engineered useful life of 15+ years and 300,000+ km;
  • An inconvenient & opaque service experience, or untrustworthy service provider; and
  • Increasing costs to regularly maintain and service their vehicle.

How we do it

We accomplish our purpose by providing automotive knowledge, advice and offering solutions to our clients that make vehicle ownership easier to manage, informative and affordable.

Our highly trained Vehicle Advisors, offer independent advice and oversight. We manage our client’s service appointments through our iQ Network of Professional Automotive Service Providers. We ensure our client’s best interests are being met.

Our Client’s interact with our Vehicle Advisors, how, where and when they want; all conveniently managed from the palm of their hand – via our iQ App & the client’s personalized Dashboard.

Our team of Vehicle Advisors review inspection reports, vehicle history and keep our clients informed, while our network of professional iQ Service Providers digitally inspect, diagnose and perform the technical work on the vehicle.

Our Premium Saver Auto Insurance helps consumers save money on monthly premiums.

Our Easy Monthly Payment solution converts automotive service invoices into manageable monthly payments. Pay for minor collision damage, or insurance deductibles in manageable monthly payments.

autologiQ’s comprehensive Vehicle Management Ecosystem covers our client’s vehicle needs on one platform. Become a Client Today!

Who we are

Our team is comprised of highly talented and skilled professionals from the automotive, software, financial, and logistics industries. Our specialized skillset and experience unify to create a high-performing team obsessed with providing our clients with user-friendly technology, professional service and financial flexibility to extend their vehicle’s useful life.

  • Our leadership team is committed to positioning autologiQ as a socially responsible leader in the automotive industry.
  • Our operational team is committed to building a culture based upon Empathy. We strive to deliver an industry leading client experience by ensuring every stakeholder is treated with dignity and governed by the highest standards of moral authority.
  • Our professional iQ Service Providers are hand-selected to ensure that our client’s vehicles will be serviced and maintained to the highest level of industry standards.


How we help preserve the environment

One of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the developed world is the burning of gasoline to power vehicles. According to Environment Canada, each passenger car and a light-duty truck on average, produces about 4,600 Kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) every year. And if vehicles are poorly maintained, it can generate even more CO2.

While autologiQ does service electric vehicles, it is our mission to identify and correct issues with an internal combustible engine that currently contributes to improving the environment. Incorrect type of engine oil, faulty oxygen sensors, worn out brakes, and poorly inflated tires will all contribute to increased greenhouse gas emissions by vehicles.

At autologiQ, our client’s vehicle maintenance is proactively managed to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced.

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